4 Considerations for Choosing an Online Shopping Cart

Thursday, May 9, 2019 11:18 am EDT


Claude Clauising, SVP, Head of eCommerce, North America, Elavon

To celebrate 2019 Small Business Week, I’d like to offer tips and insight into picking an online shopping cart. eCommerce is a worldwide phenomenon that is poised for continued growth. In fact, total global online retail growth is anticipated to grow at a 13.3% pace through 2022, according to recent research by Forrester.

As consumer shopping behaviors shift from solely brick-and-mortar locations, to both online and omnichannel, it’s imperative to create a seamless and easy user experience across all your business touchpoints. To achieve this, you will need some type of online shopping cart solution – and there’s no shortage of carts to choose from.

Elavon integrates with most popular options, either directly or through its Converge Application Programming Interface (API), which simplifies the process of collecting payments. But, first you’ll have to determine which type of shopping cart is best for your business. Here are four considerations:

1. Ease of Use: Fast and convenient are the hallmarks of the eCommerce age. The most advanced shopping carts offer one-click checkout, and the ability to securely store payment card information for a more efficient customer experience.

2. Mobile Optimization: Consumer use of mobile phones to shop continues to rise, so it’s important that your cart can provide a fast, easy mobile-friendly checkout experience. Explore how the cart integrates with social media platforms to capture consumer purchase intent and seamlessly convert sales.

3. Analytics: The ability to track the abandonment rate of your shopping cart, repeat customers and your best-selling items is a useful tool to any business owner. Good analytics could help you adjust your inventory and increase your web sales. It can also give your customers a very personalized experience from start to finish, which builds repeat business and loyalty.

4. Price: Be mindful of fees, as they can vary widely, based on the add-on services you choose. Some companies offer carts as a bundle with marketing services or other extras, while others charge transaction fees for each shopping cart purchase.

Once you’ve waded through these considerations, you’re ready to make your shopping cart choice. Good luck!

Learn more about shopping cart plugins supported by Elavon or about our eCommerce offerings.

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