Healthcare Payments Insight Survey shows opportunities to come together to enhance the patient experience

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 8:00 am EST


Jana Franks, SVP and GM, Elavon Heathcare Solutions, Elavon

I arrived in Orlando Monday night for the HIMSS Global Conference, and it’s the first year Elavon will showcase our products and services here. We’re excited because a lot of good things are happening with innovation in healthcare payments – all designed to help make the patient experience better. My colleagues and I look forward to sharing how we can help health information and technology professionals, clinicians and executives accept payments in ways that increase patient engagement. 

At HIMSS, we are also launching our first-ever Healthcare Payment Insight Survey Report. It’s unique in that we surveyed both healthcare IT executives (HIT) and patients. It provides deeper insight into perceptions of the healthcare payments system and experience. Its findings also open the door for the industry to come together to make some real improvements and evaluate our opportunities and challenges.

One thing that stood out to me is that nearly 30% of HIT companies surveyed do not have a payment solution integrated into their platform. This is an opportunity for HIT companies to increase revenue and patient engagement as integrated payments simplify the payment process and allow healthcare organizations to accept patient payments anytime and anywhere.

What excited me most in the report’s findings is that innovation really is the future of healthcare payments and in making the overall patient experience better. Results showed that 30% of HIT executives are already incorporating AI into their platforms, while 23% are using a cloud-based solution to support mobile wallets. The opportunities in AI have the potential to improve payment security and deliver a more seamless and convenient payment experience for patients. Today some recent innovations are already available - things like digital wallets, mobile POS tablets, mobile apps, kiosks and IVR systems.

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