Elavon to Provide athenahealth with EMV, Point-to-Point Encryption

Payment security technology will be deployed across the athenahealth network

Monday, October 5, 2015 1:06 pm EDT


"As the credit card industry adopts new technologies, athenahealth is proud to work with Elavon to continue meeting the most current standards"

Elavon, a leading global payments provider and subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp (NYSE: USB), today announced that it will be the provider-of-choice for EMV, Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) and tokenization technology for athenahealth, a leading provider of cloud-based services and mobile applications for medical groups and health systems.

All three technologies are part of Elavon’s Simplify software, which offers a layered approach to payment security:

  • EMV: EMV chip technology integrates with credit card terminals to enhance fraud protection at the point of sale. An EMV liability shift occurs on Oct.1, 2015, when non-EMV-enabled businesses will assume responsibility for any fraud that occurs.
  • Encryption: Encryption services protect cardholder data throughout the entire transaction loop, from the moment of a “swipe” or “dip” until it reaches Elavon’s data centers for processing.
  • Tokenization: A token, or a random sequence of numbers, is returned to the point-of-sale so the actual card number is never stored within a point-of-sale system. Tokens can then be used for recurring or subsequent transactions.

Guy Harris, president of Elavon North America, said, “Healthcare is changing, and so is the way patients pay for it. As more consumers pay for health care services by credit, debit, and HSA cards, Elavon is committed to keeping those transactions secure.”

Elavon’s Simplify payment software resides on the PIN pad and seamlessly integrates all of these security components. Simplify bypasses the healthcare provider’s software and systems, securely sending encrypted cardholder data directly to Elavon and eliminating the need for the point-of-sale system to transmit or process sensitive cardholder data.

Previously, athenahealth offered tokenization for its payments solutions for healthcare providers, which is now upgraded for more comprehensive security technology with Simplify.

“As the credit card industry adopts new technologies, athenahealth is proud to work with Elavon to continue meeting the most current standards,” said Todd Haedrich, vice president, athenahealth Inc. “Integrating the latest credit card payment processing technologies into athenaNet will help athenahealth providers feel confident when collecting cardholder payments for their services.”

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